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Ski touring

Designed and produced by the French CoI

Six CoI-members were involved in the design of this c-book, coming from different mathematical education domains: researchers, teacher educators, mathematics teachers and PhD student and an artist.

The c-book proposes nine activities all linked with the variables of risk defined by a Swiss, Munter, about avalanches. The activities around the slope of the mountain, the itinerary of the tour and the research of victims are for 10 grade students, and the others the activities on snowflakes are for 11 and 12 Grades. The activity about the variable “weather and snow” is for all users. In addition, the activities are built around real life situation to engage and motivate the users. The technology affords to mesh the narration with dynamic digital widgets.

The c-book is intended to be used in a classroom, orchestrated by a teacher. The work on this c-book is not supposed to be linear. The teacher will choose the activity she wants to do with her class. The recommended level is given for each activity and it’s not a necessity to perform all the activities. The work on this c-book might be spread all over the year.

 ski touring

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You are here: Home List of c-book units Ski touring