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The M C Squared Project:

  • Designs and develops the c-book, a digital system as enabler for creative design processes andcreative mathematical thinking. Its main characteristics are:c-book-infrastructure
    • an authorable data-analytics engine and a graphical interface for customizing the information needed for assessing end-user CMT and the reactions provided by the tool,
    • an authorable dynamic e-book infrastructure for professionals to collaboratively design CMT resources and for students to create personalized versions of such resources,
    • a set of dynamic, exploratory and constructionist digital tools integrated in the e-book infrastructure designed to foster creativity in students' mathematical expression, investigation and meaning generation.
  • Brings together different stakeholders in rethinking about the nature of open educational resources that combine 21st century technologies with 21st century pedagogies. The corresponding activities and productions involve:
    • creating four Communities of Interest respectively in four European countries, each consisting of diverse actors involved in design and production of digital content for creative mathematical thinking (CMT),
    • collectively producing a set of exemplary c-book resources to foster CMT in their intended end-users by collaborating at inter and intra - CoI levels,
    • explicitly aiming to engage in stimulating social creativity in design and providing show-case experiences of this process through captured communication and frequent c-book resource versioning.
  • Contributes to our knowledge of the nature and process of social creativity in the design of open digital educational content supported by c-book technologies. This is done through:
    • a grounded academic evaluation of how creativity in the CoI is stimulated and enabled with the use of the c-book technology and into what kinds of creativity emerge from such activity with such technology;
    • the production of a method and guidelines of how to set up such communities and support creative designs for CMT.
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