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Experimental geometry

Designed and produced by the French CoI in collaboration with “technical” partners

This c-book is a result of collaboration between four members of the CoI and three persons from partners’ institutions who are in charge of technological developments in the project.

The c-book proposes a main activity inviting the students to discover and experiment geometric loci related to a triangle and its special points (e.g., the locus of the orthocenter as one vertex moves on a line parallel to the opposite side). Additional activities aim at introducing the concept of geometric locus of points and studying a few basic loci, such as perpendicular bisector of a segment, circle, and parabola. The students can go through the c-book  in a non-linear way, according to their needs in terms of recalling mathematical notions at stake.

Since the concept of geometric locus is not part of the mathematics curriculum in French senior high school, the c-book can be proposed in a framework of a special math education (enseignement de spécialité) or to small groups of students in the framework of personalized classes (accompagnement personnalisé). The c-book can thus be proposed in the form of a project to be realized by groups of students. The activities can be done alternating in presence and at distance students’ work. At presence, the students benefit from the teacher’s or tutor’s support. For distance work, communication tools are integrated in the c-book.

experimental geometry

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You are here: Home List of c-book units Experimental geometry