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M C Squared Function Hero goes to Science Party

On Monday October 10th, 2016, the members of the French M C Squared team organised and performed activities in the framework of the Science Party (Fête de la Science: in France.

Every year, hundreds of actors perform workshops, conferences, projections, expositions, open their laboratories, and discover the cultural and scientific patrimony from their territories. From the biodiversity to mathematics, passing through the universe sciences and the human sciences and social sciences, this event represents all the scientific domains and gives to all citizens the chance and open access to discover the world of sciences.
The M C Squared partner Université Claude Bernard – LYON1 participated in this event, by going to a school and make students ‘dance like a function’! More than 100 students participated at the exposition and were enthusiastic in playing the M C Squared game. It consists in using a Kinect Sensor to capture the body data from the player and transform it into a graphic representation of the algebraic expression which the student must perform with its body.

science party 2