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Designed and produced by the French CoI

Seven Coi-members were involved in the design of this c-book, coming from a variety of disciplinary and professional domains: researchers in mathematics education, mathematics teacher educators, mathematics teachers, developers of digital tools and an artist.


This c-book is the result of the re-design by the CoI of the c-book Limits_v1 developed in Cycle 1. It is composed of the following four activities using GeoGebra, EpsilonWriter and EpsilonChat widgets:

  • Solving equations in the set of real numbers, in which the students are encouraged to use the available widgets to to solve given equations and to discuss their answers.
  • Notion of infinity, which aims at the development of the notion of infinity through several activities based on guided discovery.
  • Limits calculation, which is directed toward the development of the meaning of a limit of a function at infinity.
  • Tetris game on limits, providing a game about limits aiming at engaging the students in a playful activity whose objective is assessing the students understanding of the notion of limits and her/his performance in limit calculation.

The c-book is supposed to be used by students in a classroom. The students interact with the c-book individually in order to anticipate the answers to the questions and make conjectures and they are invited to discuss their conjectures in small groups. The teacher has to foresee at which moments whole class discussions would be the most appropriate for discussing the students’ procedures, validating their conjectures and institutionalizing the learning outcomes.

limits v2

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You are here: Home List of c-book units Limits_v2