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Algebraic expressions

Designed and produced by the French CoI

Six Coi-members were involved in the design of this c-book, coming from a variety of disciplinary and professional domains: researchers in mathematics education, mathematics teacher educators, mathematics teachers, and developers of digital tools for mathematics teaching and learning.

 The c-book contains four activities in which the students work on algebraic expressions and their representations in various semiotic registers, such as usual, tree, or natural language representations. Three main cognitive tasks (in the Duval’s sense) are proposed: producing a representation of an expression in a given semiotic register, transforming an expression represented in a given semiotic register, and translating an expression represented in one register into another.

The c-book is intended to be used in a classroom, orchestrated by a teacher. Phases of individual, small group and whole class work can be proposed. Usually, the individual work is planned at the beginning of each activity to allow each student to engage in it. Whole class work is foreseen after a research phase in order to collect, collectively discuss and validate the students’ conjectures or proposed answers. Small group work can also be proposed when judged appropriate by the teacher, in research phases for example.

algebraic expressions

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You are here: Home List of c-book units Algebraic expressions