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The DME-Widgets are, strictly speaking, not a widget factory, but rather a widget container. The c-book-authoring environment called DME comes with a certain number of widgets. Many of them have parameters or options which can be used to adjust the properties of the widgets, but it is not possible to create totally new DME-widgets using the DME itself without the other widget factories.

We include this container of widgets as a widget factory here for two reasons: First, for formal reasons: every widget should have an associated widget factory. Second, the DME-Widgets are not a fixed set of widgets, because the DME-developers add widgets from time to time. In this sense, it may be possible to produce new DME-widgets, not as a c-book-author alone, but in collaboration with the DME-developers, if there is enough time.

You are here: Home Technology Widgets DMEWidgets