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Cycling in the city

Designed and produced by the Greek CoI

Cycling in the city” c-book unit, targeting an audience of 6th grade junior high school pupils (11 to 12 years old), represents two intertwined disciplines, Mathematics (Geometry) and Environmental Education. Its theme is “Cycling in the City”, narrowing the Environmental Education focus to urban sustainability (“living sustainably in a city by using a bicycle”).

Members of the Greek CoI who collaboratively worked on it were secondary education math teachers, primary education teachers, researchers in math education, developers, and teachers with an expertise in environmental education. The math education approach behind the c-book unit design is mathematisation of everyday life, or else, 'mathematics in use'. Through a simple, everyday, and children’s all-time favourite companion, the bicycle, pupils apply and/or explore mathematical concepts to conceptualise and solve problems related to their everyday life as well as to urban sustainability. Mathematical concepts embedded in this c-book unit focus on the cycle (perimeter, radius, arc), geometrical patterns (triangles and squares), the polygonal approach to cycle (the notion of angle), optimization of values (minimizing and maximizing as well as stereometry and spatial perception (solid shapes, space navigation / orientation).



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