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Curves in space

Designed and produced by the Greek CoI

Seven CoI members from different professional and disciplinary arenas (Mathematics education researchers, senior teacher educators, developers of digital materials and a creative writing expert) brought together their complementary expertise, to design the c-book unit “Curves in space”.

The main aim underlying the design of this c-book unit is to facilitate students to identify, explore and use mathematical concepts and relations behind the construction of curves on the plane and in space. The vehicle for attracting students’ interest and fostering the development of their creative mathematical thinking is a fascinating narrative: a burglary in a scientific laboratory, the theft of an ancient artefact, a state of the art 3D printer, and the characters of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Lara Croft engage students in a story where they have to understand the mathematics behind spirals and other curves in space, in order to find their way around the unfolding mystery tale. This way, students are naturally introduced to the concept of curvature with certain two-dimensional and three-dimensional curves, along with properties such as the length of these curves.

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