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Climate Change

Designed and produced by the Greek CoI

Six Coi-members were involved in the design of the c-book unit of “Climate Change”, coming from a variety of disciplinary and professional domains: researchers in education and mathematics education, mathematics teachers, researchers in environmental education, academia, teacher educators, primary school teachers, and developers of digital tools for mathematics education.

The scenario revolves around a 12-year-old boy, inhabitant of an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, who is forced to flee his homeland and become an “environmental refugee”. Soon he decides to begin a journey around the world and set up -through social media- a youth movement against climate change. As the narrative unfolds, several mathematical concepts related to climate change come up. Students experiment and tinker with widget instances to explore correlations between variables, estimate mathematical models, construct and interpret multiple representations, design 3D shapes, make and investigate assumptions, draw and extend conclusions related to aspects of climate change. The narrative together with the respective widget instances, form a challenging learning environment in which the students build and apply mathematical concepts to solve realistic problems.


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You are here: Home Technology c-books Climate Change