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Beach-Volleyball tournament

Designed and produced by the Greek CoI

The “Beach-Volleyball tournament” c-book unit was created by 9 members of the Greek CoI, where most of them have an expertise in mathematics and math education (secondary education teachers and researchers) except for two, a teacher in primary education with studies in Drama in education and an economist.

The c-book unit is based on a story of five teenagers that take up the organization of a beach-volleyball tournament during their summer vacation. Between the lines, many issues related to mathematical concepts come up, from setting up an optimal schedule to constructing a court for the tournament. The design of the c-book unit, including the story that takes place, aims to present a cohesive unit of narrative and widget instances related to mathematical problems that pop up naturally. The main purpose is that students would be challenged by this context to experiment with most of the widget instances and reconstruct some of them building artefacts, generate their own meanings and make conjectures on topics such as combinatiorics, functions, trigonometry and statistics, test their hypotheses and use their results.

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