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Bioclimatic Amusement Park

Designed and produced by the Greek CoI

Aiming at provoking innovative learning trajectories and practices,the c-book unit‘bioclimatic amusement park’ links the narrative of a fantastic story with various specifically designed widget instances. The story refers to an amusement park that is settled near the river-side of a town. Many children and young people visit the amusement park carrying out activities in order to have fun and help the owner of the parkco-ordinate the available renewable energy sources and minimize the use of electric energy.

The user/student of this c-book unit is an active reader as well as an active learner who experiments, designs, constructs and deconstructs, and solves riddles, while taking advantage of the interactivity of the medium and the feedback available. Addressing problems in the logic of sustainable management, students a) analyse characteristics and properties of two- and three- dimensional geometric shapes, b) use space visualization and logo programming, c) use ratio and proportion, d) collect and process data.

The ‘amusement park’ c-book unit was collaboratively created by 7 members of the Greek CoI, coming from a wide variety of disciplinary and professional domains (e.g. mathematicians, primary school teachers, environmental and mathematics education researchers, engineers, geologists, physicists).

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