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Mental Rotation Skills

Designed and produced by the UK CoI

This c-book is a much focussed cbook with 48 pages (in two sections). It only takes around 5 minutes. Timings are stored and are part of the design, although students are not confronted by this time pressure. This cbook can be used from young age to adult age as it trains and measures Mental Rotation Skills (MRS). It could also be used as (online) research instrument by education researchers and psychologists. This is not a typical cbook but was made through collaboration with our Psychology department. We were brainstorming about novel uses of the building blocks widget, and there was a strong desire to have a training/measurement app for Mental Rotation Skills. We used a standard instrument that can be found here.

Three aspects seem creative in our view:
1.    The collaborative design process with a different (psychology) discipline. It, however, only involved two people.
2.    The training aspect: MRS is trained through using the cbook. Research indicates that this might work for improving MRS.
3.    The measurement aspect: as far as we know there are no online digital books or resources that gauge MRS this way.

There also is a lot of future potential, as we first set out to make a replica of the original test. But after this we can differentiate in adding more or less interaction to further explore and investigate (and stimulate) students’ MRS.

mental rotation skills

You are here: Home Technology C-books Mental Rotation Skills