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The ‘not algebra’ book

Designed and produced by the UK CoI

The idea and structure behind the c-book is to design a resource that can help students in early secondary education to appreciate the potential of algebra following a particular pedagogical approach through algebraic generalization. Typically, in such task students investigate figural patterns, identify their structure, and articulate the rules that underpin them in order, for example, to calculate the number of tiles in such a pattern. Aligned with the rest of the moderation strategy of the UK CoI we wanted this c-book to be as closely aligned to the UK curriculum as possible but also have an engaging narrative that could potentially demonstrate the rationale behind algebra and algebraic ways of thinking. The c-book has three sections

  • Introduction
  • Building blocks
  • Making patterns
  • Patterns Challenge

the not algebra book

You are here: Home Technology C-books The ‘not algebra’ book