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The c-book unit ‘Jewellery’ was designed by students and mathematics teachers, working together in the same CoI, aiming to construct a challenging and amusing scenario. The main character of the narrative is a shop owner of a local store in Berlin who becomes the heir of his uncle’s fortune in Vienna that includes a priceless diamond. Thus, he has to go to Vienna in order to arrange the bureaucratic paperwork, but things come up to be more complicated, as he progressively becomes a participant of a mysterious riddle game. The plot is based on a series of interconnected puzzles rather than on pure mathematical tasks. However, the content of the puzzles is around mathematics and multiple interconnected representations of various concepts, connected mainly with the narrative, since the designers took advantage of c-book technology’s affordances such as the mixture of narrative and diverse widgets and the flipping through the page of the c-book unit.

Taking into account the mathematical context of the puzzles, they refer to: Using function and their different representations, solving equations through graphical representations, defining the slope of a line as a number, calculating areas, finding loci like the perpendicular bisector of a line segment, using the slope of a line, constructing 3D shapes using polygons.


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