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Climate change II: Putting out the fire

The “Climate change II” c-book unit was jointly created by 5 members of the Greek CoI who were teachers with different disciplinary backgrounds and teaching expertise in mathematics, mathematics education, environmental education, drama in education and the design of digital tools for mathematics education. The design process resulted in a c-book unit interweaving sustainability concerns about climate change with mathematical concepts and thinking processes.

Throughout the pages of the c-book unit, students are prompted to experiment and tinker with widget instances to estimate mathematical models and relationships, plot graphs of linear relationships, investigate and make assumptions and engage in mathematical argumentation and reasoning related to climate change dimensions. The students’ mathematical creativity is triggered through the learning opportunities provided by tasks asking them to establish connections between various representations of a concept (e.g., by relating the algebraic expression of a function to its graph and depicting magnitudes by circles and disks) or to pose and respond to open problems (e.g., students use relevant information to estimate footprint values). The narrative together with the respective widget instances form a challenging learning environment in which the students build and apply mathematical concepts to make sense of a real-life issue.

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You are here: Home Technology C-books Climate change II: Putting out the fire