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Designed and produced by the French CoI

The Travel c-book unit aims at taking into account more complex issues around speed than the Velocity c-book: travelling has a cost, you are not alone on the road, there are safety, environmental and economic issues around travels. It is composed of 4 activities. The price of speed is an activity on the computation the average speed of certain means of transportation, according not only to the time it takes to travel a certain distance, but as well to the time required to work in order to fund this travel. Deceleration activity is based on the Galileo-Galilei experiment of uniform acceleration applied to uniform deceleration. The braking distance activity takes into account different physiological parameters and also is computed as a function of speed. The last activity, the optimal speed of a road uses a simulation of cars on a road in order to measure the speed as a function of the density of a road. Then the activity goes back to algebra in order to compute the optimal speed of a road, yielding the maximal car flow.




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