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Curves in Space II

The “Curves in space II” c-book unit was created by 7 members of the Greek CoI.

The main aim of this c-book unit is to facilitate students to identify, explore and use some special mathematical concepts and relations behind the construction of some special curves on the plane and in space. In order to achieve that, the CoI members developed a fascinating story of two famous detectives who try to solve a mysterious robbery case.

As the students together with the two investigators try to solve the mystery, they have to use  mathematical concepts in multilevel. The two mathematical concepts that are central are parametric equations and curvature. The c-book unit uses a variety of tools (widgets) which provide the opportunity to investigate multiple representations of curves and also support a smooth transition from the geometrical environment of two dimensions, which is familiar to students, to the three dimensional space.

curves in space ii

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You are here: Home List of c-book units Curves in Space II