Comparing predictions against reality ΙΙ

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI
The intra-CoI subgroup in charge of designing this unit planned at the beginning of cycle 1 to design two interrelated c-book units around modelling Social Network behaviour:

c-book unit 1:Connecting people through Social Networks

c-book unit 2:Comparing predictions against reality

This is the second c-book unit that involves more advanced mathematical tools. In particular, it focuses on looking for the ‘best’ mathematical model/s to fit real data and use them to predict the short-, medium- and long-term behaviour of some real data set about Facebook users’ evolution. The first version of the c-book unit was produced in wp6-cycle 2, and this is a redesign adapted for first-year students at university level. The designers’ team has changed, with some new incorporation to the initial team with the two lecturers that will be in charge of its implementation, and two more families of functions, together with piecewise functions, are available here for the students.

comparing predictions against reality ii

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