Connecting people through Social Networks II

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI

The CoI multidisciplinary subgroup in charge of designing this unit planned to design two inter-related c-units:
book units around modelling Social Network behavior:
c-unit 1: Viral behavior of Social Networks
c-unit 2: Comparing predictions against reality

This is a redesign of the first c-unit that leads to the construction of the basic tools for the description of the evolution of the number of friends that one has on a social network depending on the line or degree of friendship. The redesign turned out to distinct the study in two different phases. The first phase is focused on Facebook (and stress specially the use of geometric sequences), the second phase on testing (trough simulation) the theory of the six-degree of separation (being an introduction to graph theory). Furthermore, this last phase tries to focus on more general reflections on the complexity of this particular modelling problem (and introducing the logarithmic scale

connecting people through social networks ii

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